Tips on How to Succeed in Green Solo TD

Green Solo TD Minimap

Spawn a level:

Select your Yoshi and press: G on your keyboard. You can also click on your Yoshis "Go" button.

Level info:

Find info about the current & next level on the top of your play area.


Get x (x = gold divided by kills) points per kill.


Get 1 gold per kill (400 cap) for every 100 points you have.


Survive a level and get 5% of your current gold together with 15 points multiplied by your current level.

Multiplayer bonus:

If you're the first to spawn a level in a multiplayer game, you get 5% of your current gold + 15 points multiplied by your current level.

Pro tip #1:

You will get 100% gold back from selling a level 1 tower and only 50% gold from towers that are above level 1.

Pro tip #2:

Make sure you have towers that creeps are weak against, they deal 150% damage, other towers only deal 30% damage.

Pro tip #3:

Buy life for 10 000 points with: "-buylife" (=100 gold less per kill)

The more gold you have, the more points you get and the more points you have, the more gold you get. Saving gold is a must to reach the end, even on easy.


Download the latest version

All versions can be found here, here and here.

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MezGo – The first player to beat Hard difficulty

Congratulations to MezGo, the first ever player to beat Green Solo TD in hard difficulty. Very impressive, watch MezGo's full run here!

MezGo First Player to Beat Green Solo TD in Hard Difficulty

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