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Pumpkin TD is a random type TD where players construct random towers of random tiers that can be combined to form higher tier towers. Towers are grouped by tiers ranging from Tier 1 being the lowest, up to Tier 8 being the highest. Tech tree towers, follows a specific path of combinations to reach the ultimate tech tower of that type. There are also certain Special towers that can be acquired by evolving certain towers, gambling in the slot machine and by completing quests. Experience 6 thrilling game modes for up to 6 players and form the ultimate setup from the pool of 114+ towers with unique abilities. Actively developed and with an ever growing community, we welcome you to Pumpkin TD.

Pumpkin TD Loading Screen

Map Information

Pumpkin TD Minimap

Green Solo TD is exactly what its name suggests, a solo version of the well known Warcraft 3: Reforged custom map, Green TD.

Map Information

Green Solo TD Minimap
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Changelog v2.56 + v2.57 - Reforged!

4 Jun 2020

Posted on 2020-06-04 by Green Solo TD

Green Solo TD Towers in version 2.56+2.57

In version 2.56 there has been the following changes to the map:

  • Remade periodic event triggers to eliminate all possible desyncs
  • Lowered normal difficulty by changing +1 gold for each 110 points to 105 points
  • Lowered hard difficulty by changing +1 gold for each 115 points to 110 points
  • Added -bl as shortened command alternative to -buylife
  • Made text from commands only show for the player who initiated it
  • Updated info on loading screen and (F9) to reflect the latest changes

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How scores are calculated:

  • Score on easy if you lose: (points*level/75)
  • Score on easy if you win: (points*level/75+3000)
  • Score on normal if you lose: (points*level/50+3000)
  • Score on normal if you win: (points*level/50+6000)
  • Score on hard if you lose: (points*level/25+6000)
  • Score on hard if you win: (points*level/25+9000)

In Green Solo TD you start out with voting for difficulty which will either be easy, normal or hard.

Easy mode makes enemies have 80% hp, +10% armor and will give you 1 gold per kill for every 100 points you have. Normal mode makes them have 90% hp, +20% armor and will give you 1 gold per kill for every 110 points you have. Hard mode makes enemies have 100% hp, +40% armor and will give you 1 gold per kill for every 115 points you have.
Green Solo TD's Difficulty voting
To beat hard mode you need to carefully watch your economy, gaining as much points as possible, upgrading towers at just the right moment and know where to place them. It takes a bit of practice to master this. Manual targeting is advised... :-)

The go button

Unique to this version of Green TD, players spawn their level by clicking the Go button on their builder (Or hotkey G). Hovering the Go button will show info on current gold per kill, current points per kill, current armor type and what damage type that armor is weak against and also the armor and weakness for the next level. This information is also shown at the top of your area. Keeping an eye on this is crucial for survival as having the correct attack type against an upcoming armor type means 150% damage instead of just 30% damage.
Green Solo TD's Go button tool tip

The point system

In this version there is also a unique point system in which players must think strategically of their economy to survive. The more points you have, the more gold you will receive from killing enemies. To get more points you will have to be careful with spending your gold as the more gold you have, the more points you will receive from enemy kills.
Green Solo TD's Point System

Gold and points bounty from kills

The base gold per kill is 5 gold. This makes it possible to catch up in points if you accidentally spend all your gold in the beginning, however, not learning your lesson and spending more gold then you have to will eventually result in a certain defeat. For every 100/110/115 points you have (easy/normal/hard), you get 1 gold (capped at a maximum of 400 gold). The points formula equals: Players current gold divided by players current kills.
  • Slow down your enemies with the slow tower!
  • Burn your magic enemies with the fire tower!
  • Pump your towers with speed and damage with the aura towers!
  • Melt bosses with insta and crit towers!
  • Lower your enemies armor with the pain tower!
  • Shoot at multiple enemies with the multi and bouncing towers!
  • Obliterate air levels with the air tower!
  • Deal splash siege damage with the siege tower!
Download the latest version

All versions can be found here, here and here.

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MezGo – The first player to beat Hard difficulty

Congratulations to MezGo, the first ever player to beat Green Solo TD in hard difficulty. Very impressive, watch MezGo's full run here!

MezGo First Player to Beat Green Solo TD in Hard Difficulty

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