Changelog v2.55 - Small improvements

Posted on 2020-05-26 by Green Solo TD

Green Solo TD Towers in version 2.55

Sunken ruins tileset is back! Read on to find out about all changes made in version 2.55.

In version 2.55 there has been the following changes to the map:

  • No more voting for difficulty, Red Yoshi decides!
  • Changed amount of damage of Phantom towers
  • Added animation effect when insta towers (Diablo) passive procs
  • Updated Crit Towers Icon on level 2-10
  • Corrected tooltip to highlight that poison damage is magic damage
  • Color coded tooltips to better create damage type recognition
  • Discovered an exploit and fixed it
  • Recoded and optimized sell function
  • Changed icon for kills in multiboard
  • Changed tile set for environment, sunken ruins is back!
  • Tried showing DPS counter but caused players to desync, so scrapped it

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  • Score on easy if you lose: (points*level/75)
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  • Score on normal if you lose: (points*level/50+3000)
  • Score on normal if you win: (points*level/50+6000)
  • Score on hard if you lose: (points*level/25+6000)
  • Score on hard if you win: (points*level/25+9000)
26 May 2020

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