Changelog v2.41

Posted on 2019-03-04 by Green Solo TD

Changelog for version 2.41

In version 2.41 there has been the following changes to the map:

  • Fixed bounce tower manual attack command
  • Added new icons for both armor types and damage types
  • Players now also have a 1% chance of getting tripple points on kill
  • Improved tooltips on armor types and damage types
  • Modified random stuff, for example, instead of upkeep, it now advertises website
  • Worked on terrain
  • Added special sounds when getting double or tripple points
  • Screen will not flash red when other players are leaking now
  • Added info box on terrain that shows next lvl armor type/weakness
  • Improved spawn code when player leaves in the middle of a wave
  • Zaigon tower now also deals double damage when stun trigger
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip on armor type: Unarmored
4 Mar 2019

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