Changelog v2.4

Posted on 2019-03-03 by Green Solo TD

Changelog for version 2.4

In version 2.4 there has been the following changes to the map:

  • Added a new single target siege tower with passive stun - Zaigon has arrived!
  • Enhanced gameplay experience with various sound/effect improvements
  • Players now has a 3% chance of getting double points when killing an enemy
  • Changed some icons on various towers and spells
  • Damage aura is now blue
  • Changed various towers sound and added effects to make them more unique
  • Spawn/Leak portal is now green and advertises
  • Fixed bug where difficulty vote didn't start game
  • Remade Yoshis debug spell, Yoshi now throws his egg! (And is not abuseable)
  • Made level 19 Green Freaks have a larger selection scale
  • Removed gold cost and attack from the Upgradeable Tower
  • Made further optimizations to initializing map triggers
3 Mar 2019

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All versions can be found here, here and here.

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